Young girls reach toward Olympic wrestling dreams through WOTR

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. — Girls from across the country are being exposed to more and more opportunities through War of the Roses all-girls wrestling series.

In December, there were 22 girls from around the country who were able participate in a clinic at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs as part of War of The Roses holiday championships.

One of the girls was nine-year-old Akira.

It was her first time flying on an airplane when Akira headed out for the clinic tournament.

She said her favorite part touring the Olympic Training Center, meeting U.S. Women’s Freestyle National Team Coach Terry Steiner and learning from America’s best women wrestlers.

“They taught us new stuff and how to do different moves,” Akira said. “It was really cool. It gives me a chance to learn new moves and meet Olympians.”

For Christmas Akira got new red, white and blue wrestling shoes and some red, white and blue socks that said “USA 2016.”

The trip to Colorado Springs and learning from the best inspired Akira to set goals for herself in wrestling.

“It encourages me to wrestle more and try my best,” Akira said. “I want to wrestle in the Olympics one day.”

War of the Roses all-girls wrestling series is a non-profit organization that provides wrestling opportunities across the country. Find a tournament in your area here. You can register for War of the Roses tournaments here.

Dominic Adams is a journalist and wrestling coach based in Fenton, Mich. He can be reached via email here.